Rules & Flying Times

Below you will find a list of rules and regulations that keeps everyone flying  in a safe manner :

Subscriptions are due to the club treasurer at the AGM

The club does not accept responsibility for injury to members or damage to their property

All members are expected to act with due regard to public safety, private property and adhere to the Air Navigation Order

All fliers must hold a valid and up to date public liability insurance (to this end it is a condition of club membership to have current BMFA membership

All members must respect each others models and equipment

All members’ TX’s must display a numbered ORANGE pennant for the 35MHz band, or a BLACK pennant for 2.4GHz frequency. The club operates on odd channels only for 35MHz.

All club I/C engines must comply with the current noise limit enforced at the field before being allowed to fly. The pass certificate to be displayed on the left wing tip or out of sight on scale models

Models to be restrained by 2 points of contact when starting and running up engines/motors.

Cars must be parked in the allocated carpark and are not allowed onto the flying field during flying times

Initial membership is for a 3 month probationary period

Instructions from the Imerys mines manager must be observed at all times

Gates to be kept shut at all times

No dogs allowed on site

In case of an accident or problem arising, the Imerys control centre must be notified at once on 01726 851555


Saturday: 10am – 9pm all year round

Wednesday:  12 noon – 9pm all year round

1st April – 31st October: Monday and Friday 4pm – 9pm

There is no Sunday flying