Club Gossip


The Scale Competition was held on Saturday 8th July. As there was only a few entering it didn’t take long to run. Kingsley 1st, Peter S 2nd, Mike 3rd. The weather was lovely with only a light wind right down the strip.


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Congratulations to Andy who won the Clubman aerobatic competition held on Saturday 26 August. It was a close fought contest. Thank you to all that took place.

Some recent club competition results that Kingsley has handed to me to post here….

CLUB CONCORS, Friday 25 March 2017

Scale: 1st Peter Smedley, Mr Mulligan…2nd Kingsley Martin, Fiat CR32

Sport: 1st Mike Till, Red Zephyr…..2nd Brian Martin TD Coupe

ETA Competition Result, June 31 2017

The event had to have a fly-off for the nearest 3mins as there was a tie for 1st in the 2 min contest…

1st Kingsley Martin, 2m 58.3s……..2nd Peter Smedley, 2m 41.7s

FLYING SCALE Competition Result, July 8 2017

1st Kingsley Martin,248pts, Fiat CT 32……2nd Peter Smedley,244pts, Stampe….3rd Mike Till,237pts, Fokker D7